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Strain Relief Fittings, Cable Fittings & Cable Glands

We offer standard and custom strain relief fittings, cable fittings & cable glands for various types of cables. We are a One Stop Shop for strain relief/ cable fitting/ cable gland design, engineering, injection molding and tooling. With a quick turn around, high quality, competitive prices, and production runs ranging from small to high volume, we can be your supplier of plastic cable fittings and cable glands.

Please see below some of the products we offer:

    T Mold Liquid tight cable fittings/cable glands used to seals cables and pipes against the ingress of dust and liquids at the point of entry into the panel
     PG & NPT Thread Liquid Tight Cable Fittings / Cable Glands
     Cord Grip Fittings For Strain Relief Flexible Cords
     Liquid Tight Pigtail Fittings
     Sealing Washers
     Flexible Mounting Brackets
     Snap In Protection Grommets, to Seal cable and conduit in unthreaded holes, Protects against ingress of dust and water etc.

E-mail or Call us Today for Strain Relief Fittings and Cable Gland Solutions!

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