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Instrumentation Cables, Measuring Instruments Cables, Industrial Automation and Process Control Cables

Standard & Custom Instrumentation Cable Assemblies & OEM Instrumentation Cable Assemblies

We engineer and manufacture molded cables for the test and measuring instruments industry. In addition to OEM instrumentation cables, we provide industrial automation and process control cables. In this context we offer the most complete and versatile array of custom and off-the-shelf strain relief, cable bushing and cable grommet solutions.  Furthermore, we support our customers with over-mold tooling and training. Please see below a summary of the products we offer in this category:

Cables for test and measuring instruments, Instrumentation Cable types:

     Multimeter cables
     Laboratory measurement instruments cable assemblies
     Molded cables for voltage measuring devices
     Current measuring devices
     Impedance, resistance and insulation measuring device cables 
     Power measuring devices
     Fiber optic meter cables
     Cables for Oscilloscopes, Spectrum analyzers, Signal generators
     Laboratory equipment cables
     Digital logic analyzers
     Pressure measurement instruments cable assemblies
     Overmolded cables for flow measurement instruments
     Temperature measurement instruments cables
     Infrared thermometers, Infrared cameras
     Weighing, Scales  cables
     Humidity measurement instruments 
     Gas detectors and Gas analyzers cables
     Molded cables for liquid analysers
     Overmolded cables for  leak detectors
     Household Instrumentation Cables
     Acoustic and vibration measurement instruments  cables
     Other OEM electrical measuring instruments  cables
     Optical measurement instruments over-molded cables
     Levels, Theodolites, Distancemeters
     Metrology equipment, measuring machines, 3D scanners
     Industrial vision, Video cameras cable assemblies
     Inspection machines
     Alignment systems 
     Molded cables for sensors
     Recorders & Data acquisition device cables

Industrial Data Cables/ Communication

     Industrial Ethernet Cables: Twisted Pair, Fiber Optic Cables, Coaxial
     Industrial Twinaxial Cables
     Industrial Coaxial / Shielded Coaxial

Ultra Flexible Automation Cables

     Control Cables/ Multi-conductor
     Twisted Pair Cables
     75 Ohm Coax

High Performance Audio Cables

     Home & Car Audio
     Stage & Theater Applications
     Amphitheater & Stadium Systems


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