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Custom Computer Cables

Internal, Parallel, Cat6, Serial, Video & Monitor, SCSI, USB, Firewire, Coaxial, etc.

We offer custom molding, design / engineering assistence, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing for the widest variety of custom computer cables. We cover all types of computer connectors and computer interface types.

Here are some of the products we offer:

Video & Monitor Cables & Custom Computer Cables for Video Applications

     RGBS Video Cables
     Macintosh Compatible Video to RGBS Cables
     13W3 Video Cable for Sun video connections
     High-Resolution Monitor Cables for Sun
     Sun Compatible Monitor/Keyboard Cables
     VGA Video Extension Cable Assemblies
     Video EGA Cables
     S-Video Cables/ Connect a DVD player or a video camera to a television
    34535 Macintosh High-resolution Compatible Video Cables and Adapters
     Mac Compatible Extension Cables
     VGA Video Cables with Ferrite Core for superior video transmissions
     Digital Visual Interface DVI Adapters
     VGA–RGBHV Cables
     RGBHV–RGBHV Cable with Ferrite Bead/ VGA cable with five BNC connectors
     Ultra-Thin SVGA Cables
     Digital Visual Interface DVI Cables
     VGA Cables with Audio
     VGA Cables with Integrated USB
     VGA Cables for Routing inside Conduit or through the Walls

Internal Custom Computer Cables

     Internal PC Power Cables
     Internal Peripheral Cables/ Internal IDE Ribbon Cables
     ATA Cables with IDE Connectors
     Serial ATA Cables
     Ultra ATA Round Ribbon Cables

External Custom Computer Cables

We also offer cable design, cable engineering, cable manufacturing and injection molding services for other Custom Computer Cables, such as:

    Molded USB with PCB and Strain Relief 200w SCSI,

Custom Computer Networking Cables for Category 6 Applications

     550MHz CAT6 Patch Cables, Snagless Boots
     CAT6 Type 210 Patch Cables
     550MHz CAT6 Patch Cables for high-performance applications
     550MHz CAT6 Component Patch Cables with Molded Boots
     CAT6 Solid-Conductor Backbone Cables/ 550MHz backbone cable for fast CAT6 runs
     10Gigabit CAT6a Patch Cables/ Patch Cable designed for 10/100/1000BASE-T applications



Custom Computer Cables for Serial Applications

    WEBSITE DSUB Strain Relief Backshell 300w RS232 Y Cable
     Flat Ribbon Cable for DB9, DB15, DB25, DB37, DB50 Connections
     RS232 Cable Adapters
     DB15 Cables
     DB25 Serial Null-Modem Cable
     Standard RS232 Cables
     RS232 Extension Data Cables
     RS-232 Extended Distance Cables with Molded Hoods
     Serial Printer Cables
     PC/AT Modem Cables
     DB9 Serial Null Modem Cables
     PC Data Transfer Cable
     DB25 Extension Cable
     DB9 Extension Cable with EMI/RFI Protection
     Tail-Circuit Cables and Null-Modem Cables

Custom Computer Cables for Parallel Connections

     Parallel Port Cables for high-speed parallel printers
     Hypercable Assemblies to extend parallel transmission
     Centronics Extension Cable Assemblies
     IEEE1284, A, B, C, Compatible Cables
     Parallel Printer Cables
     Super Flexible Parallel Cables with Slimline 90 Connectors


E-mail or Call us Today for Molded Custom Computer Cable Solutions!

We look forward to help you with an innovative, functional, operational and eastethicaly superior computer cable solution!


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ps3 hdmi cable
ps3 hdmi cable